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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabric Flowers

So, I have been going a little crazy with the fabric flowers lately .... and I have become obsessed with buttons, who has the best selection, when they go on sale, and how best to use my coupons.  I even dragged all three kids to a door buster sale at 8 in the morning, to get an extra 10% off.  Don't worry they got rewarded for their good behavior with a trip to the playground and a box of munchkins.  :)  To be fair, I am making them into headbands, hair clips, and brooches for a craft show.  Also, there are a few girls on my Christmas list who will be receiving these as gifts.  Every little girl needs a flowered headband, don't ya think? 

They are super cute and very easy to make, and since you don't need much fabric, no need to hit the fabric store.  What you have in your stash will probably do.

You will need six 2-1/2" squares, strong thread, and a needle.  I use cording as thread because I will be selling them and like the extra strength.  Makes me sleep better at night to put out a quality product.

Fold your square in half diagonally and use a running stitch along the edge, to pull the pedal together.

Pull tight and knot after each pedal.


Once you have all six pedals done, connect to the first as shown above, to close in your flower.

Pull a button through the center and tie off. 

This is where my button obsession comes in and dreams of vintage button stashes lull me off to sleep.  I have found that buttons at least 7/8" work best to cover the raw edges.  Have fun, and be creative, how about vintage earrings or rhinestones?  The flower is just the starting point.  Where you take it is up to you.

Here you go!  One super cute fabric flower, that was super easy to make.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Building Blocks - Floating Stars

Building Blocks is something I have started to help quilters design their own quilt projects.  Sometimes it starts with a block that speaks to you, but then what do you do with it?  Most of my quilts have started this way.  I make a block then build from there, (sometimes lots of trial and error), till I have a finished block forming a quilt.

I hope to leave you with a bit of inspiration each week, to follow your own quilting journey, but please remember this tutorial is for personal use only.  Please do not make copies of this tutorial.  Please do not sell items made from this tutorial without permission from A Girl In Paradise. Questions? Just ask.


To make this block you will need to cut 6 squares, 4 of one color and 2 of another. I cut 4" squares for this tutorial but, as long as the squares are all the same size you can cut them any size you like.

Next cut your 2 matching squares in half to make 4 rectangles.

With a washable pen, mark each rectangle diagonally from one corner to the other.

Then fold in half along the line you just marked, finger press the fold or lightly iron.  I recommend ironing because you really want your lines to be clean.  Place along top of square (pictured below) and pin in place.  Open up your rectangle and sew along your line.

Trim off the excess and press it open.

Now you can assemble your block.  Sewing in rows, top 2 squares, then bottom 2 squares, and press.

Then top to bottom, and press.

Now that you have completed some blocks, the fun part begins....the layout! 
Below are some suggestions.

Basic Rows

Basic rows with sashing.

On Point

On point with a coordinating fabric square.

The possibilities are endless......

Have fun, play with it, and as always if you make something using this block, send me your pictures, or if you blog about it, send me the link, and maybe I'll feature it here.  I just love seeing what you come up with. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

I was Featured! Check me out!

That's right go right now and check me out.....I'll wait....

See, I knew you would be a while.  It's hard to read just one.  Heather and Megan have featured some great quilts and their stories.  Thanks for featuring mine. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

This week has been productive week, and yet a not so productive week, depending on your point of view.   I must admit I am always jealous amazed at the quilt blogger who not only finds the time to complete their projects but find the time to blog about them.  Please share your secrets with us.  The rest of us lowly quilt blogger who probably spend way to much time reading your blogs instead of sewing for their own.  :)

Progress on my Scrap Quilt has been slow.  I have cut and started to assemble some of the sashes for inbetween my blocks, but (insert excuse here) for most of the week I have the embroidery attachment on my machine.... 

.....and I have been working on these.  Only a few more to go, but my deadline of December 11th is fastly approaching, must. get. last. few. done!  (and packaged)  Phew! 

Curtains for my daughters room.....still haven't touched them.  Does that make me a bad Mother?

Instead I have been playing working on these.  Cute little fabric flowers for your hair.  Also, for my craft show.  Just need to make more buttons. 

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, November 15, 2010

Easy Wine Bag Tutorial

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought I would share this simple wine bag tutorial.  It makes a great hostess gift with the added "Wow!  You made this!"   Most people love a handmade gift.  It makes them feel special and loved, and after all isn't that the point.  This one here is going to a very special friend that is hosting Thanksgiving this year. 

Remember this from a previous post.....my embroidered cloth napkin.
Sorry, I know, I left you hanging.  Sometimes I get distracted.  I think it is called crafters ADD.  So much inspiration, so little time. 

 I started with a plain off white cloth dinner napkin.  (You know the ones you get in a 10 pack at the big box bedding stores.)  I embroidered this cute patchwork Pumpkin along the bottom edge in the center.  Of course if you don't have an embroidery machine, any embellishment will do.  How about screen printing or an applique?  The possibilities are endless. 

Cut 2 rectangles each 11" by 16".  One for your lining and the other being your napkin.  Make sure your design is centered.

With right sides together, sew the lining to the napkin, at the top.

Then fold in half the long way, and sew together, leaving a wide enough opening to turn right side out.   

Turn right side out and sew your opening closed.

Stuff your napkin down into your lining, so your bag is inside out.  Carefully pin and sew your corners to allow your bag stand up flat.  I measured it about an inch from the tip.  Then I trimmed off the excess.  Turn right side out

Then measuring about 5" from the top I attached a piece of ribbon, that was about 24" long on the back of my bag.  You can adjust this measurement depending on your bottle.

Now your done!  Place your bottle inside your bag, tie your bow, and decide if you want the cuff up or down, it's your choice.  I can't seem to decide which way I like better, so I pictured it both ways.  Have fun, play with it, and as always if you make one, send me the link.  I love seeing what you come up with.

If your are looking for other great handmade holiday ideas, check out Skip To My Lou, she has a great Made by You Monday Link Party. 


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

  Freshly Pieced has introduced a Work-in-Progress Wednesday link-up. 

Love it! 

My life is filled with projects not yet completed, for one reason or another....

The Scrap Quilt, I have been working on for Jodi's Sew Scrap Along, though it is not her quilt, she was reason I started it.  I love the idea of making a quilt every year using your scraps.  What a great way to keep your stash in check and have a quilt that has all the scraps of all your past projects.  I don't know about you but some of my favorite fabrics are often given away in the form of gifts.  This is a great way keep a little square for yourself.

Sadly, I am still squaring up my blocks.  Such a tedious task, but in the end, well worth the trouble.  :)

My Apple Core Quilt, this has definitely been a challenge.  Between piecing the whole thing together by hand, (yes, I am crazy), and a two year old that is always getting into my basket, I haven't made much progress on this quilt in a while.  It has been put away for another day, but that's OK, because don't we quilt and create for the pure joy it brings us?

Of course there are the projects on my To-Do List that I need to start....

The curtains for my daughters room.

Then there are the baby bibs that need to be embroidered.  These are for a craft show coming up in December.  Can you say Deadline!

And of course there are the projects I dream of doing....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quilt Show

Yeah!  I got to go to a quilt show today.  Hubby had the kids and I had an afternoon to stroll through the Botanical Gardens at the University Of South Florida and admire quilts.  The quilt show was held by the Cypress Creek Quliters' Guild and it was AWESOME!

Does this not look like the perfect way to spend an afternoon?  Not to mention the weather was a perfect 60 degrees with the sun shining.

Now some eye candy....

Aren't they beautiful?  I could have posted a hundred more...but you know.